About James Rourke

Profession: Social studies teacher in Norwich, CT for over twenty-three years. How did that happen?

Dream job: Author. It is true that I have had three books published, From my Classroom to Yours, The Comic Book Curriculum, and The Eternal Struggle. I, however, consider myself a writer. An author is that rare writer who can pay the bills with their writing and…well…I can’t. So I maintain my dream of being an author while writing as much as time allows.

Children: Four wonderful kids ranging in age from 10 to 21.

Hours slept in the last twenty-one years: Four. See above.

Reason for this Website:  Five years ago I introduced the class “P3: Philosophy, Psychology, and Pop-Culture” to the Norwich Free Academy. The class arose from my own interest in philosophy and psychology and my belief that these twin fields can help people find the well spring of humanity.  The interest and energy of the students as they explored philosophic themes have only reinforced this conviction. 

Hopes for this website: That on certain days something is written that someone finds entertaining, moving, helpful, or at least moderately curious.








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